Cebi another three years partner with heart, soul and passion

Maurizio Basso is a successful entrepreneur who puts know-how, innovation, quality, but also passion for the product above everything else. But the Cebi Motors managing director has also developed passion for basketball in general and Brose Bamberg in particular. And the enthusiasm will continue for some time to come with the corresponding Brose Bamberg achievements: Cebi has extended its sponsoring contract by a further three years after the 2017/18 opening season.

As European Competition Sponsor, Cebi will be present at all games of the Basketball Champions League on the Brose Bamberg jerseys. In BROSE ARENA, Maurizio Basso is a regular guest with employees and also lives the networking idea. The entrepreneur, who lives between Milan and Venice, is very close to the basketball events in Bamberg and has meanwhile developed a weakness for the cathedral city.

For Basso, his company and product philosophy fit well with the Brose basketball: “Cebi's Team run its business with great passion and enthusiasm, paying attention to quality, customer satisfaction and permanent innovation. We also find this in the Brose Bamberg Basketball Organization.”

In its production of components for electric and hybrid vehicles, Cebi Group feels strongly committed to reducing CO2 emissions; parts for household appliances, such as ovens and washing machines, are other product branch.

Brose Bamberg Managing Director Arne Dirks is taken with the intensive personal contact that has developed between Basso and Brose Bamberg within a short period of time. “We rarely see entrepreneurs identifying so strongly with their sponsoring partner and sport, despite their great distance. It is a good feeling in several respects to be able to continue the cooperation with Cebi for at least three more years”.

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