Basketball for me is

„A hobby and a passion, later my profession.”

Under what circumstances did you start working in basketball?

My whole family plays basketball, both my parent became coaches and my brother and me played in our hometown Mistelbach in Austria's first devision.
1996 I signed my first professional contract with Austrian Champion and Eurocup team St. Pölten. 2004 I had to stop playing professional basketball and became a coach 'by accident'.

Your biggest success so far?

Hard to say, because every win, every title, every season has their highlights. And also personality and humanity is more remarkable than winning games.

Winning the Austrian chmapionship in 1999 is my biggest personal success as a player, as a coach the years 2010-2013 was an incredible and crazy time!

Three to five adjectives to describe yourself?

I like to leave that to others...

What goals do you want to achieve in your life?

Staying healthy and one day I want to be a professional icehockey player ;-) 

Familiy status?

Girlfriend Nicola, Daughters Matilda und Philippa