We accept social responsibility.

Charity events

Brose Bamberg periodically organizes charity events for the benfit of various projects.


  • Fundraising at home games in BROSE ARENA, e.g. in favor of flood victims 2013
  • A traditional Christmas dinner for the needy in cooperation with 'Bamberger Tafel', where both players and coaches hand out the food and sponsored gifts for the childern
  • Charity events and games in favor of "Franken HELFEN Franken"
  • Auctions and ticket promotions in cooperation with randstad in favor of "BasKIDball"

    Some of our partner organizations:

Companies interested in supporting our projects recieve more information about the fundraising via this phone number: (0951) 915190.


Common non-profit project of Brose Baskets e.V. and the association Innovative Sozialarbeit e.V.

open basketball practice 15:30 to 17:00 pm at following focus schools:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday:
Erlöserschule Bamberg

Thursday, Friday:
Hugo-von-Trimberg-Schule Bamberg

Wednesday and Friday Night:
Additional practice for kids aged 16 and older at BasKIDhall


Baskidball is available for kids and young people who want to do sports, meet and have fun. The aim is to create a good afternoon activity for children from problem areas. There is no obligation to participate. BasKIDball is free and open to everyone, no matter what gender, age, nationality or attitude. Principles are self-regulation and self-organization. The aim is to promote non-violent interaction and fair dealing in the context of sporting activities. Sport serves as an educational tool for assertiveness, teamplay and compromise.

Learn more here: bamberg.baskidball.de


Lotto Bayern Charity Shot

Together with our partner Lotto Bayern we host the 'Lotto Bayern Charity Shot' at every home game. In every break between the first an the second quarter, two celebrities or friends of basketball try to hit three free throws to raise money for a charity project. For eachmade shot, Lotto Bayern donates 200€, so a maximum of 1200€ per game is possible.




A freethrow against the shortage of skilled workers – give opportunities
The project „Freiwurf“ is based on a simple idea: In a balanced apprenticeship market, young people without a apprenticeship position, stay unemployed and so stay companies without apprentices.

Brose Bamberg, Brose Bamberg Business Club, Mediengruppe Oberfranken and employement agency Bamberg-Coburg want to tackle this problem together. There is a lot of teenagers and young adults without a vocational education. Companies complain about a too low potential of professinoals.
Archbishop Ludwig Schick, mayor Andreas Starke and the district administrator Dr. Günter Denzler founded the initiative "Freiwurf" under the motto "No teenager in the region may be lost".

Learn more here: www.facebook.com/Freiwurf



SDO e. V.

For several years, Brose Bamberg supports the work of the Association for addiction and drug prevention Oberfranken e.V. Until today more than 50,000 students could be reached by the SDO at events in schools.

Learn more here: www.sdo-oberfranken.de.